About Us


Stefano Folino – President

StefanoStefano started his career in the building industry 12 years ago. With much ambition he has learned a great deal over the last decade. He began in the excavation portion of construction and transitioned into concrete shortly thereafter. The knowledge and experience he acquired while excavating has offered him an invaluable understanding of the initial stages of a project. Mr. Folino has worked on numerous jobs in the residential, commercial, and industrial realm which has given him a well-rounded experience level in all industries.


Our employees are the backbone to our business, which is why we only hire and retain excellent workers. From our estimators, to our superintendent, foremen and laborers, we only accept the best. All our employees have years of experience under their belts in various aspects and fields of concrete construction. Each of our workers takes pride in their own work, which reflects immensely on every job we complete.