Berkshire Building Services provides its clients with complete concrete services not provided by its competition, such as footers, walls, and flatwork. With the unique ability to assist its clients with elements such as planning and designing the concrete schedules and cost control, Berkshire Building Services has the ability to identify issues for its clients before they become a concern.

We have the ability to perform all aspects of cast-in-place concrete construction, from footers to piers to foundations, flatwork and curbing all within one concrete construction company. We also offer waterproofing. Our work is paramount in the concrete construction industry due to our inability to accept mediocrity.


  • Project Coordination
    Program management is the art of assisting a client with defining its needs, preparing a schedule with all appropriate tasks and sequencing and preparing a budget pertaining to concrete construction costs. Berkshire Building Services has a reputation for working alongside other contractors with ease and professionalism.
  • Concrete Estimating
    Our ability to competitively estimate jobs is what keeps our business going strong. You can guarantee when we are called upon to bid on a project, you will have it in a timely and professional manner.
  • Scheduling
    We adhere strictly to the schedule that has been put in place for us, and look ahead to eliminate any problems that may arise and will conflict with the project’s overall time frame.


Berkshire Building Services principals have performed work for many architectural and general contracting firms and with this unique perspective will provide its clients with service second to none and that is superior to its competition.